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The Best Home Insulation: Injection Foam

Most older homes have poor energy performance and thermal comfort.  Many suffer from poor indoor air quality, mold and deterioration of the wall assemblies. 

Much of this can be tied to in adequate insulation and air sealing.  With skyrocketing energy prices, and home renovation costs an older home can turn into a huge money pit. 

How do you air seal and insulate walls in existing structures?

It is very expensive to completely remove existing exterior sheathing or interior drywall for foam spray retrofit insulation. As a solution, many folks are turning to an expanding injection foam prevents heat lossinjection foam to insulate and air seal existing wall assemblies.  The advantages are that the home can be insulated and air sealed without tearing off the sheathing or interior drywall. This is ofetn much quicker, more efficient and less expensive than other methods of insulation.

  • Injection Foam has a higher R-value than traditional insulation products.
  • Significantly reduces energy bills for heating and cooling
  • Class 1 Fire Rated material.
  • Keeps home more comfortable all year around
  • Reduces exterior noise
  • Helps to reduce pollens and allergens in your home
  • Serves as a vapor and air barrier
  • Helps to protect the environment; not urea formaldehyde, emits no CFCs or VOCs
  • Increases your home’s resale value
  • Easy, non-invasive installation


injection foam insulation saves you money


injection foam insulation